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Maffei Medical Management is a management partner that helps your medical practice streamline its patient care protocols and stay profitable in a competitive and complex healthcare system. Because the success of medical billing is crucial to the to the overall success of your practice, we are meticulous in using the best codes to maximize your reimbursement.

As your partner, we provide your office with an enthusiastic, dedicated, and experienced team that is trained in every facet of medical billing. We are focused on reducing the burden of billing management and costs incurred by your office. By partnering with us, we can reduce your overhead tremendously, which translates to more money for you. We eliminate the overheads of Employee Salary, Pension Plan, Health Insurance, Extra Office Space, Extra equipment like computers, printers, and software etc. The most important benefit is that your staff will save time and effort that comes from the in-house billing and the tedious claim collection process, allowing your practice more time to concentrate on patient care.

Maffei Medical Management bills only for its services, there are never hidden charges. Since we get paid on the total amount collected, we don't get paid until you get paid.

Transparency and Accountability

Maffei Medical Management provides monthly reports with complete financial transparency as your management partner. Maffei Medical Management holds itself to accountable to a very high standard that exceeds the expectations of our clients across California that have trusted us with their medical billing business.

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