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Our billing and collection service is a staffed by a team of leading industry professionals with vast experience in Workers Compensation, Private, and Personal Injury. Our team focuses on processing your claims immediately and efficiently because we understand that the success of your practice depends on its ability to collect for services rendered. By entrusting Maffei Medical Management with your billing needs you will be assured that claims will be submitted quickly and correctly, and all pending and unpaid claims will be aggressively pursued.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We review and modify procedures used to ensure maximum reimbursement

  • We attach all required medical reports (RFA, P&S, etc.) to a complete itemized HCFA 1500 billing statement

  • We serve your bills with attached dated Proofs of Service to monitor each of your payments and denials for timeliness

  • We attach all U/R Authorizations  to your billing

  • Penalties and Interest assessed for late pay per LC 4063.2(b)

  • We provide you with a wide variety of statistical reports, aging, case status and all Practice Management Reports

  • We follow to ICD 10 coding 

  • We provide monthly reports


Always Available

  • Our collections team responds to claim denials and objections with demands for payment in full: U/R denials, MPN issues, reductions per OMFS are addressed with defenses from case law and/or Labor Code

  • We follow up on all bills over 45 days old with demand for payment with Penalties and Interest per LC 4603.2(b)

  • We file and serve perfected liens, bills and reports on all claims where proper payment is not timely received 

  • We aggressively negotiate maximum reimbursement for your liens. Professional WCAB Litigation and Appeals

  • We are updated on SB 863

  • We case watch through EDEX and EAMS


Professional Service

A major issue for Medical practices is denied medical claims. Although services were rendered, the payer, through some technicality, refuses to pay. Figuring out why a claim is being denied by a payer is a daunting task: it is costly and time-consuming task. Maffei Medical Management will save you time, money, and stress by the following protocol:

  • Claim Analysis - Verify CPT and ICD 10 codes and ensure claims are in compliance with the payers’ guidelines. This also allows us to discover the root cause and then promptly address it. 

  • Denial Appeals - Creating appeal letters based on federal and state statutes and case citations, which favor medical providers. 

  • Follow up- By following up on appeals, we collect information such as the status, escalation, correspondence with payers, and the disposition of denial appeals to increase recovery amounts.

  • Rule Tracking- In order to ensure that errors are not repeated, we track payer denial activity and identify new rules.

  • Claim Activity Tracking - We document claim re-submissions and claim status to provide payment transparency and accountability.

All these procedures are put in place to streamline your business, avoid repeated errors and ultimately maximizing your reimbursement

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